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Lessons from Quarantine, Part II: Spend Time with Those You Love

June 04, 2020

By Jim Palumbo

In this second installment, Principal and Chief Development Officer Jim Palumbo shares in these trying times the importance of pouring love into your family and watching them flourish.   

Volumes of self-help books, dramas and tragedies have been written about regrets over time lost with loved ones; the regret of a father not spending time with his son before he’s grown and out of the house, of that son letting life race by without seeing his father (think Harry Chapin’s, Cat’s in the Cradle) and so many more.

Depending on your community’s shelter in place/reopening phase status—and your comfort level in venturing outside the home—many of us continue to be home with our families. Enjoy the time. Is it a curse or is it a blessing?

During the height of the quarantine, I watched a number of Fortune 500 executives interviewed on cable news, talking to reporters from a laptop camera in their bedroom or dining room. Every person that I saw being interviewed appeared to be wincing under the discomfort of being at home with their spouse and kids. When asked if they thought virtual work would replace the traditional office, they laughed nervously and wagged their heads, saying that they looked forward to getting back to their familiar environment.

I got the feeling that the majority of the folks who had been interviewed weren’t enjoying being with their family 24/7. Perhaps they are a metaphor for many of us. If you are struggling with this new reality, here’s your opportunity. Here’s your chance to fall in love with your family again. They are not a nuisance—they are the reason! They are the reason you go to work every day. If you’ve got more time together, enjoy it. If you haven’t already done so, set up a tent in the living room, go for a jog or hike together, play Scrabble, make a pizza—don’t miss this opportunity.

A few years back, our family spent nearly a year on the road together in a motorhome touring the country. It was a grand adventure, from the Rocky Mountains to the Florida Keys, and we grew so much closer as a family. Here’s your chance. Pull your family close, pour love into them and watch them flourish as we continue to endure this difficult time.