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Practice Development: fpPathfinder and Holistiplan

May 19, 2021

A new section in Dynamic News, Practice Development will spotlight the latest tech tools and resources available to advisors to elevate their practices.

As more advisors embrace a holistic planning approach, a plethora of technology tools stands ready to help drive success. fpPathfinder and Holistiplan are not only the latest tech tools to grace the world of comprehensive financial planning, they’re also being used in tandem by advisors to deliver easy-to-consume financial and tax planning concepts to clients. Here’s a look at each:

fpPathfinder – Financial planning, visualized    

fpPathfinder provides robust checklists and flowcharts to simplify complex financial planning questions for clients and assist with their decision making. These downloadable resources provide a clear and concise roadmap for planning discussions and can be branded with a firm’s logo.

Flowcharts such as “Should I Consider Doing a Roth Conversion?” and checklists like “What Issues Should I Consider When Purchasing Long-Term Care Insurance?” are continuously updated, saving advisors valuable time and energy trying to keep up with changing rules and regulations. More than 2,000 advisor members (and growing!) are leveraging this rich resource that allows them to distill financial planning complexities and be more diligent in the planning process, meeting their clients’ individualized needs.

Holistiplan – Tax planning made simple

The Holistiplan software solution scales the process of tax planning so advisors can become more comprehensive and efficient. Developed for advisors with a holistic view of planning and recognize the need to incorporate tax planning, Holistiplan substantially reduces advisors’ time spent reviewing tax returns and provides access to actionable, client-deliverable reports within minutes.

The client deliverable, which includes the firm’s logo and disclosure, provides a summary of the tax report, actionable items for review and future tax planning considerations with a scenario analysis. Just a few months after launch, Holistiplan was named the winner of the 2019 XYPN FinTech Competition, recognized for its automated review of 2018 tax returns and client-ready reports that identify financial planning opportunities.

In tandem

Advisors have been found to use these tools together as part of holistic planning discussions with clients in the following two ways:


Whether an advisor decides to use these tools independently or together, for more information and how-tos, listen on demand to “Leveraging fpPathfinder and Holistiplan” with Co-Founder Michael Lecours, CFP® and VP of Sales and Marketing Chris Field, respectively. Also, see the Approved Vendor List in Wealth360, where you can also find a recording of the recent webinar and a New Year’s Offer video from fpPathfinder that provides an overview and step-by-step instructions on how to access.

As Dynamic continues to keep advisors apprised of the latest practice development tools, we invite you to share the tools you can’t live without in your practice by sending an email to Whitney Johnson.

Be on the lookout…

There’s exciting news coming your way regarding FeeX, a new platform Dynamic is introducing that will enable you to not only review and monitor 401k participant accounts and variable annuities, but also perform all trading and rebalancing on these types of held away accounts.

More to come on this soon!

Photo: Carl Heyerdahl, Unsplash