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Get to Know…Melanie Ahlers

May 19, 2021

Melanie Ahlers joined Dynamic’s Onboarding team in February 2018 from Charles Schwab, bringing 15 years of experience in financial services. As team lead, she’s passionate about the comfort level she provides all incoming advisors.

Her extensive experience working with Charles Schwab enhances her ability to think outside the box for creative problem solving.

Here, Melanie talks about her role at Dynamic, getting to know new advisors and her “Airplane” humor.


Q. What’s your role at Dynamic and how do you help support our clients?
A. My role as lead with the Onboarding team is to work directly with new advisors joining the Dynamic family. My primary focus is coordinating efforts setting up advisors’ clients in our system, administering their account openings, transfers and functioning at the custodian.

I reinforce training through guided advisor applications to prepare the new advisor from onboarding to our Advisor Support department. In addition, I support other roles within the Onboarding department, including technology set up, quality control, vendor set up and weekly communications.

My position allows me an opportunity, over several months of almost daily contact, to get to know new advisors’ practices, needs and personalities.

Q. What attracted you to Dynamic, and what compels you to work in a profession servicing wealth advisors?
A. The people of Dynamic—everyone at Dynamic—want nothing but exceptional service to our advisors. I love assisting our advisors in simplifying their practice to focus on outstanding service to their clients.

Q. Where do you call home?
A. I lived in Phoenix for 26 years and moved to Boynton Beach, Florida, two and a half years ago.

Q. What’s your favorite activity or hobby?
A. Travel, cooking and listening to live music. I’m currently learning photography.

Q. Who’s your favorite superhero? Why?
A. My Grandmother Joyce will always be my superhero; she never gave up, always persevered and believed you could do anything; however, you had to be willing to do the work to enjoy the rewards.

Q. What’s your favorite line from a movie?
A. From the movie, “Airplane”: “Surely you can’t be serious.” “I am serious and don’t call me Shirley.” My humor can be considered dry.

Q. How long is your commute to Dynamic?
A. My commute is grueling. Every day, I allow at least 30 seconds to my office from anywhere in my house.