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We understand there are different ways advisors manage investments to meet the needs of a variety of clients. Different account types can utilize different investment selections based on risk, account size and type, tax sensitivity and various other factors.

Our goal is to provide a range of robust portfolio strategies that align with clients’ long-term investment goals. Dynamic relies on a series of core strategy types (Low Cost ETFs, Multi-Factor, Alternatives and Active) while utilizing a variety of asset types that best represent our investment philosophy and process.

Dynamic Portfolio Design  

When designing these strategies, we consider the life stages of a client’s investment journey as a guide to position the portfolios. Simply lowering risk as a client moves through life stages may not be the best solution based on evolving client needs. Choosing the right strategy at each stage may improve the client comfort level and help them reach their long-term goals.

We have identified 4 key life stages to guide our strategies:

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Slide Building Years Your client is in their foundation years with a high tolerance for risk and few worries. Dynamic High Growth Strategy invests in more granular exposures, including sectors and industries, and other areas of the market where your Dynamic Investment Management team sees long-term growth potential. Underlying Investment Risk Your client is ramping up wealth accumulation, a delicate balancing act. Dynamic Market Cycle Strategy invests in allocations that tactically rotate to favorable exposures based on current market cycles, providing a more balanced and actively management investment approach. Retirement Your client has reached their preservation years. Dynamic Defensive Strategy invests in exposures with more defensive attributes that can help protect portfolios on the downside during market corrections while participating in market upsides. Stability Your client can begin to enjoy the fruits of their hard work and planning. Dynamic Distribution Strategy invests in allocations focused on income generation such as dividend stocks and higher yielding sectors.

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