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Don’t-Miss Dynamic Events for Success

February 16, 2021

2021 has already begun, but Dynamic has already lined up some don’t-miss virtual events!

On February 18, Dynamic’s monthly Resource Call will feature a panel of some of our tax-savvy affiliates to discuss how and why to include tax-planning in your practice, as well as important tax and financial planning topics to consider in 2021. It should be a fast-paced session packed with information on how advisors can add value to their practice by following a few tax-planning best practices, as well as utilizing the latest technology to serve clients’ tax needs without having to be an expert.

On March 18, Dynamic’s Portfolio Services team will host the resource call, “Portfolio Design Considerations: The New ESG Model Lineup and Core Bond vs. Core Bond Plus Fixed Income Options.”

In April, Dynamic will host an all-day webinar focused on financial planning. Team members and advisors alike will share their insights, strategies and favorite tech tools when it comes to creating holistic financial plans for clients. From the latest apps to tried-and-true pillars of financial planning, attendees will take away the latest and greatest tools to add value to their practices.

Watch your inbox for invitations to these events and to register!

Photo: Alessandro Bianchi – Unsplash