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Dynamic Does its Part to Honor Earth Day

April 22, 2022

Fully remote since 2009, reduces carbon footprint by 127 tons annually

Today marks the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day. Held each year on April 22 since 1970, Earth Day celebrates the birth of the modern environmental movement. According to “Origins of Earth Day” on

In the decades leading up to the first Earth Day, Americans were consuming vast amounts of leaded gas through massive and inefficient automobiles. Industry belched out smoke and sludge with little fear of the consequences from either the law or bad press. Air pollution was commonly accepted as the smell of prosperity. Until this point, mainstream America remained largely oblivious to environmental concerns and how a polluted environment threatens human health.

 Fast forward to Earth Day today, widely recognized by more than a billion people throughout the world as a day of action to change behavior and effect local, national and global policy changes. Also, Earth Month brings awareness to this need for change during the entire month of April.

As advocacy for a clean environment continues with increasing urgency, Dynamic has been doing its part since it was born in the computing cloud in 2009. Founded by Jim Cannon in the wake of the Great Recession, Dynamic was built to be resilient, using modern technological architecture to support a remote workforce.

See Dynamic Didn’t Flinch in the Pandemic

That remote workforce, in turn, supports approximately 80 wealth advisory practices today—both IARs and RIAs nationwide—serving more than 5,000 clients and approximately $3.5 billion in assets.

And these aren’t the only numbers that define Dynamic.

According to the workplace scenario calculator, Dynamic’s fully remote workforce, consisting of 36 employees, results in a noteworthy reduction in emissions:

  • Workplace emissions are reduced by 87%
  • Overall emissions are reduced by 8% when including employee households
  • The forecasted 127 tons of reduced CO2 by Dynamic’s virtual workforce is the equivalent as switching 22 homes to use 100% renewable energy.

“Our remote work model reduces our carbon footprint by 127 tons annually,” said Jim Palumbo, Dynamic principal and chief development officer. “It’s a significant impact not lost on the fact that Dynamic is ultimately powered by people, doing the work for our advisors from their homes in a robust and secure environment.”

On Earth Day 2021, Dynamic launched Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) models across its network, making it easier for wealth advisors’ clients to invest their money where their values are. The models range from zero to 100 percent equity in 10% increments. They’re well diversified among various asset classes and utilize a low-cost, ETF lineup with all the holdings being ESG focused.

“Dynamic’s ESG models focus on risk reduction and are designed for the long-term,” said Kostya Etus, CFA® Dynamic’s head of strategy, lnvestment Management.

He also noted, “Our global, diversified and balanced approach to portfolio construction make them a viable solution as more investor clients want to lead with their hearts as well as their wallets.”

When it comes to ESG investing, John Chichester, CPA, PFS, CFP®, AIF®, CEPA, believes it’s “the moral compass that people use when deciding what companies to invest in.”

According to a 2017 Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing survey, 86% of Millennials are interested in sustainable investing, and 90% of them say they want sustainable investing as an option within their 401(k) plans.

“If Millennials are already favorably inclined toward ESG investment practices, and as they grow their wealth through earnings and inheritance, it’s safe to assume that ESG investing will only continue to grow as part of the investing landscape,” Chichester notes in his post, ESG: The ‘Moral Compass’ Across the Investing Landscape.

This material has been distributed for information purposes only. All investments carry certain risk and there is no assurance that an investment will provide positive performance over any period of time. Because ESG criteria excludes some investments, ESG strategies may not be able to take advantage of the same opportunities or market trends as those that do not use such criteria.

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