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Premium, Personalized Service

For growing advisory practices

Concierge is a client-facing solution for wealth advisors seeking to:

  • Enhance their productivity & client experience
  • Engage clients in a virtual service model
  • Get support with scheduling client review meetings, meeting preparation, client reporting & onboarding, client & prospect outreach, and more

White Glove Service

Tailored for Dynamic advisory practices

Hand-off your client onboarding process and ongoing client-related account services to a dedicated Concierge team member.

Organization and management of client account and related tasks
include full-service support for:

  • Service request creation & submissions
  • Client & account setup & maintenance in Wealth360™
  • Data entry & paperwork preparation
  • Client follow up & meeting preparation
  • Salesforce & Orion reports, data query & usage

Dedicated Dynamic Team

Working for you and with your clients

Knowledgeable Concierge professionals possess:

  • Strong industry experience
  • Training on delivering exceptional advisor & client service
  • Experience managing & escalating operational challenges
  • Deep knowledge of Dynamic systems & processes

Enhanced Communication

You can expect

Weekly calls to discuss priorities, in-process items & new

Personalized Slack channel to ensure expedient communication
& initiate service requests

Dedicated Concierge email address for added direct

Open Item Tracking Tool, accessible by advisors, to provide
transparency on activity status

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