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We are global investors. We believe diversification across domestic and international markets offers opportunities for enhanced growth and risk reduction.


We are diversified among various asset classes and sub-asset classes that tend to be less correlated with each other to support risk-adjusted returns in various market environments.


We are balanced with our allocations and generally believe that a mix of stock, bond and alternative investments may be appropriate at all stages on an investment cycle.

Dynamic’s Portfolio Construction Process


At a minimum, we include asset classes that allow us to make core allocation decisions, including:

Allocation Consideration


Global (include U.S)

Domestic vs. International

International (doesn’t include U.S.)

Developed vs. Emerging


Growth vs. Value


Large vs. Small-cap


High Exposure vs. Low Exposure


High Hedging vs. Low Hedging

Bond Quality

High Quality vs. Low Quality

Bond Maturity

High Duration vs. Low Duration


Our three-step approach determines the optimal percentage to allocate to each investment:

  1. Assign expected risk and return characteristics to asset classes/investments utilized.
  2. Determine the mixes of assets that provide the greatest expected return for a given amount of risk, often referred to as the “efficient frontier.”
  3. Select portfolio along the efficient frontier to provide optimal desired risk and return based on client situation.

Open architecture: We utilize non-proprietary investments within our allocations which we believe provides several key benefits, including:

  • Helps diversify portfolio risk through issuer diversification.
  • Provides the ability to better control expenses and potential to boost returns.
  • Eliminates conflicts of interest and risk of bias.

Screening: We screen for Best of Breed investment selection to represent each asset class:

  • Exposure
  • Process
  • Risk Consistency
  • Performance
  • Cost

Due Diligence: Our thorough due diligence process includes both fund manager and investment reviews to determine:

Manager Review:
Is the firm built to last?

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Processes
  3. Security

Investment Review:
Is the fund built to last?

  1. Investment Process
  2. Key Personnel
  3. Cost and Efficiency

Ongoing Monitoring: Our ongoing monitoring includes regularly scheduled reviews to ensure expectations are met and there are no major changes:

  1. Qualitative Reviews: On an annual basis, Dynamic conducts due diligence conference calls with fund investment teams to identify potential changes in four key areas: cost, investment process, key investment or leadership personnel, or firm structure.
  2. Quantitative Reviews: On a quarterly basis, Dynamic runs all funds through a proprietary scorecard focused on evaluating cost, consistency of process and historic performance.

Portfolio Implementation and Monitoring

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