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Wealth advisors have deep concerns for their clients’ interests. They also tend to be good problem solvers. But many times, they end up doing a variety of tasks—administrative and operations functions—that are not the most productive use of their time.

Their belief is they need to do it all to provide the best service and advice for their clients. But often they become overloaded, working with custodians, technology, investment administration, compliance, etc.


With back office support, you’re not burdened with non-revenue producing obligations. Most times, these obligations stand in the way of your clients and success. With an Advisor Back Office, you have the potential for increased productivity. Your clients will be more satisfied, and you will enjoy increased practice satisfaction. Highlights include:

  • Managing the set up and administration of custodians.
  • Administering account opening, transfers, money movement, cost basis and other account related tasks.
  • Managing books & records retention, and regulatory updates/filings.
  • Cyber Security, policies and procedures updates and testing.
  • Client communication and administration of  client portals.
  • Investment administration, including cash for fees, rebalancing, and monitoring for distributions and contributions.
  • Managing technology vendor relationships, due diligence and a an integrated technology platform.
  • Technology knowledge resources and related training.
  • Practice management coaching and productivity resources.
  • Client billing.
  • Account aggregation for consolidated reporting, monitoring, management and billing.
  • Client reporting.

Imagine the time you could save by having a full operational support team. Imagine the benefits of focusing on better client service and practice productivity. Dynamic offers a better way, handling the details so you can focus on your clients and enjoy your practice again.

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