At Dynamic, we understand there are several ways your advisor manages investments to meet your needs. Different account types can utilize an array  of investment selections based on risk, account size  and type, tax sensitivity and many other factors.

Our goal is to provide a range of robust portfolio strategies that align with your long-term investment goals. To do that, we rely on a series of core strategy types that comprise various asset types that best represent our investment philosophy and process.

We Put Risk Management First in Strategically Designing Global, Well Diversified, Balanced Portfolios that are Focused on the Long-Term. All Strategies Range from 100% to 30% Equity in 10% Increments.

Total Return ETF Strategies

The following broadly diversified portfolios focus on maximizing long-term risk adjusted returns:

Dynamic Core
Low-cost passive exposures with lighter portfolio tilts.

  • 7-12 Holdings
  • $25k Minimum
  • 5-6 BPS Fund expenses

Dynamic Smart
Multi-factor (Smart Beta) equity exposures combined and actively managed fixed income with higher conviction portfolio tilts.

  • 11-18 Holdings
  • $150k Minimum
  • 32-41 BPS Fund expenses

Dynamic Custom HNW
More personalized and customized portfolio management focused on high-net-worth clients’ unique desired outcomes, including the potential utilization of ETFs, Stocks, Bonds and Alternative Investments.

  • $2M Minimum per client

Objective Based ETF Strategies

The following broadly diversified portfolios focus on specific client objectives:

Dynamic Income
Higher yielding equities and fixed income to help clients with higher income needs. Generally, these strategies have the objective of yielding approximately double the income of broad based benchmarks and Dynamic’s other models.

Dynamic Defensive
Buffered and lower risk holdings designed to hold up better in down markets for risk averse clients. Generally, these models have the objective of achieving approximately 15% to 20% lower risk than broad based benchmarks and Dynamic’s other models.

Dynamic Tax Aware
Tax Aware strategies have an intentional focus on reducing the tax burden for tax sensitive clients through Dynamic’s management.
This includes allocations to tax-advantaged investments such as municipal bonds.

Unique Strategies

The following represent a wide variety of solutions to meet a multitude of potential investor situations:

Manager Specific
DFA (ETF and MF),
American Funds (MF)

Specific Use
ESG (ETF), Direct Indexing (Stocks), Separately Managed Accounts (Bonds), Alternative Investments (Funds and Private)

Talk to your financial advisor to learn how Dynamic’s Investment Management Strategies can help you along your journey to financial freedom.

What Sets Us Apart?


Dedicated team helps advisors grow their practices with direct access to professionals in portfolio management and trading.


Risk-focused philosophy aims to deliver balanced portfolios to achieve consistency of returns and ultimately, better client outcomes.


Disciplined, focused and rules-based investment framework supports asset allocation, security selection, investment themes, rebalancing and trading.

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