Advisors Take on Alternatives

September 06, 2022

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Asset managers and technology firms are luring retail advisors into alts with easier access and promises of diversification and enhanced returns. Here’s what advisors themselves think about broadening their client portfolios.

Alternative assets have long been the domain of ultra-wealthy and institutional investors, guarded as they were by astronomical investment minimums, hefty fee structures and lack of liquidity. A wide swath of personal investment advisors could be forgiven for never bothering to gain more than a vague understanding of this wide-ranging asset class in all its varied complexity.

But new investment wrappers, sleek advisor technology platforms and business partnerships have made alternatives considerably more accessible, just in time for world events, heightened inflation, rising interest rates and volatile markets to lay bare the vulnerabilities inherent in the traditional 60/40 portfolio.

As alternative asset managers clamor to corner the merely high-net-worth market and wealthtech providers continue to innovate in the space, financial advisors are faced with a growing menu of potential products to offer their clients in the name of risk management, protected income and alpha.

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