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News Release

Dynamic Advisor Solutions Announces New Affiliate, Victory Independent Planning

September 29, 2020

Patrick Huey CFP

Patrick Huey, CFP®, CAP®, ATP

Dynamic is honored to welcome Victory Independent Planning, LLC, a family firm led by a military veteran, to the Dynamic family. Serving clients with offices in Camas, Wash. and Marco Island, Fla., the firm offers a range of services from budget and tax planning to investing and charitable giving.

Victory Independent Planning was founded in 2016 by Patrick Huey, CFP®, CAP®, ATP, a United States Navy veteran and former Naval Flight Officer. Just 15 days after he was honorably discharged from the military, he entered the financial services industry, holding positions at UBS and Fisher Investments prior to launching Victory Independent Planning. The partnership with Dynamic brings scalability to a “mom and pop practice,” according to Huey, who runs the company with his wife, Dixie Huey.

“With Dynamic’s support, I don’t have to grow my payroll in order to grow my practice,” said Huey. “Dynamic brings an enhanced platform and technology suite on which to accelerate growth, developing prospects while allowing me to spend more time delivering real value—broad planning and ongoing coaching—to my current clients. As a fiduciary, value goes way beyond performance.”

Huey is the author of two books: “The Seven Pillars of (Financial) Wisdom: A Historical Perspective on Modern Investment Advice” (2019) and “History Lessons for the Modern Investor” (2018).

“Patrick is a thoughtful, well-qualified practitioner who fits our culture of people first,” said Dynamic Chief Executive Officer Jim Cannon. “For Patrick, history is a differentiator. His books are a way for him to connect with his clients in a real way from a historic perspective, void of business speak and cliches.”

Visit Victory’s website for more information and to read Huey’s blog, “History Lessons for the Modern Investor.”