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Dynamic Advisor Solutions Recognized Among America’s Best TAMPs 2021 Edition

March 03, 2021

The Wealth Advisor’s complimentary guide presents 30 TAMP solution providers representing nearly $2 trillion in managed wealth 

PHOENIX, March 3, 2021—Dynamic Advisor Solutions dba Dynamic Wealth Advisors, a professional services provider with a complete, virtual business solution for successful wealth advisors, is recognized among America’s Best TAMPs 2021 by The Wealth Advisor, a Marina Media, LLC outlet. The publication’s “winner’s list” features 30 of the leading turnkey asset management programs (TAMPs) in the U.S., representing nearly $2 trillion in managed wealth. The Dynamic network comprises approximately 80 advisory practices that serve nearly 4,500 clients and approximately $2.7 billion in assets.

In a news release by The Wealth Advisor to announce the annual, complimentary guide, this year’s TAMP solution providers lineup includes well-known, public companies like Orion, Envestnet, AssetMark and SEI with Morningstar now joining the list, according to Scott Martin, editor-in-chief, America’s Best TAMPs.

“Some of these models are truly breathtaking in their ability to raise the efficient frontier,” said Martin. “If advisors want to give their clients differentiated outcomes and differentiate themselves in the process, I urge them to familiarize themselves with these new approaches to the classic portfolio. Each brings something different to the table.”

Featured on the America’s Best TAMPs 2021 Dashboard™, the Dynamic solution delivers a disciplined, rules-based approach to a TAMP through its Portfolio Services department. Dynamic’s additional professional services include front/middle/back office support, integrated platform, compliance, consulting and concierge services, at the heart of which are experienced, knowledgeable professionals.

“Our inclusion in America’s Best TAMPs is a testament to all the work put forth by the Dynamic team, alleviating our advisors’ need for staffing and giving them the ability to focus on growing their businesses and optimum client service,” said Dynamic founder and Chief Executive Officer Jim Cannon.

The Wealth Advisor defines TAMP or turnkey asset management program as “typically a fee-account technology platform that advisors, broker/dealers, insurance companies, banks, law and CPA firms can use to help oversee and optimize the return on their clients’ investments. For more information and to download a complimentary copy of the America’s Best TAMPs 2021 guide, click here. For updated information on the winners list, access the Digital Dashboard here.

About Dynamic Advisor Solutions dba Dynamic Wealth Advisors

For successful wealth advisors who value independence and desire to elevate their practices to the next level, Dynamic Advisor Solutions is a professional services provider, delivering a complete business solution, myVirtualPractice™, to create efficiencies so advisors can focus on providing exceptional client experiences. For more information, visit

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Dynamic Advisor Solutions, LLC dba Dynamic Wealth Advisors is an SEC registered investment advisor. Investment advisory services are offered through Dynamic.

The Wealth Advisor, and The Wealth Advisor e-newsletter (TWA) are not affiliated with any of the providers in the report. Dynamic makes no representations or warranties of any kind regarding the content of America’s Best TAMPS 2021 or any products or services described herein, including any warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy, timeliness, completement or suitability of such content or products and will not be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, damages for lost profits) which may arise from the use of any participating provider’s services. Dynamic paid a promotional fee to TWA to be included in this report. TWA commissioned an independent survey of its registered subscribers in December 2020. The survey was designed to uncover advisor familiarity and attitude toward various TAMP platforms. The findings presented are based on aggregated response and reflect relative brand penetration, as well as user satisfaction and quality of experience.

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