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Dynamic Announces Enhanced ETF Strategies and New Advisor Portal for RIA Access

March 06, 2023

Dynamic Advisor Solutions, a professional services provider for wealth advisors, announced a collection of enhanced ETF strategies developed to meet the needs of a range of client situations from basic to highly complex.

The Dynamic Strategies were designed by the firm’s asset management leadership team, taking into consideration the evolving life stages of a client’s investment journey to align with long-term investment goals. The portfolios were created to be global, well-diversified and balanced, ranging from 100% to 30% equity in 10% increments.

Further bolstering an institutional advisor and client experience, the ETF strategies are available through Portfolio360, a new advisor portal custom-developed by Dynamic that provides Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) with access to the strategies. The new portal allows Dynamic to extend its asset management services beyond its core network of advisors—a first in the firm’s 14-year history.

According to Dynamic Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jim Cannon, Portfolio360 substantially streamlines the service model for RIAs seeking to utilize Dynamic’s strategies. “As more advisors look to us for portfolio management, they want more complex, sophisticated strategies and we want to be positioned to serve that demand,” said Cannon.

According to Dynamic Head of Investment Management Strategy Kostya Etus, CFA®, this next generation of Dynamic Strategies was born out of an increasing number of advisors that have come to rely on Dynamic’s Portfolio Services team to solve unique client situations. “The strategies utilize the latest enhancements within the ETF ecosystem, including multi-factor methodologies for the equity investments and active management for fixed income to take advantage of potential alpha generation,” added Etus.

Dynamic Strategies rely on a series of core strategy types (Total Return, Income, Tax Aware and Defensive) while utilizing a variety of asset types (Low-Cost ETFs, Multi-Factor, Alternatives and Active Management) that best represent Dynamic’s risk-focused philosophy. The core collection of Dynamic Strategies includes:

Total return ETF strategies to maximize long-term, risk adjusted returns:

  • Dynamic Core
  • Dynamic Smart
  • Dynamic Custom HNW

Objective-based ETF strategies to focus on specific client goals:

  • Dynamic Income
  • Dynamic Defensive
  • Dynamic Tax Aware

Unique, solution-based strategies to meet a multitude of potential investor situations:

  • Manager Specific: Dimensional Fund Advisor (DFA) (ETF and MF); American Funds (MF)
  • Specific Use: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) (ETF); Direct Indexing (stocks); Simple Moving Averages (SMAs) (bonds); Alternative Investments (funds and private); and an array of High-Net-Worth (HNW) solutions

Investment advisory services are offered through Dynamic Advisor Solutions, LLC, dba Dynamic Wealth Advisors, an SEC registered investment advisor.

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