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Dynamic-CAIS Partnership Delivers Complete Alternative Investment Solution

September 28, 2022

In early Q3, Dynamic announced an enterprise-level agreement with CAIS, the leading alternative investment platform servicing the wealth management and asset management industries. As Dynamic continues to accelerate development of institutionalized asset management services, the partnership with CAIS allows Dynamic’s advisor affiliates to access a range of alternative investment capabilities, addressing Dynamic’s need for high-net-worth client solutions.

Under the terms of the agreement, Dynamic advisors have access to CAIS’s end-to-end alternative investment solution, which includes a diversified menu of top-tier hedge funds, private equity, private credit and real estate investment products. The CAIS platform also provides streamlined execution, integrated reporting capabilities, sophisticated analytics, robust education resources and independent, third-party due diligence.

Tom McCann, CFP®, managing partner of Crestview Capital in Agoura Hills, Calif., has incorporated alternative investments across client portfolios since 2015.

“We want to have non-traditional sources of return, mitigate risk as much as possible and meet the complex planning needs of our high-net-worth clients,” said McCann, “that’s where alternative investments can play a role.

“CAIS has made it an open marketplace for advisors on their platform, a much more fluid, transparent and easy purchasing process for us and our clients.” McCann noted, “Based upon a client’s unique situation, we can utilize CAIS for a best-in-breed menu of sophisticated investments that have been thoroughly vetted by Mercer, helping us meet our fiduciary obligations to clients and deliver an institutional level of portfolio management at lower account minimums.”

A recent article, “Advisors Take on Alternatives,” in explores what advisors think about broadening their client portfolios with alternatives:

Alternative assets have long been the domain of ultra-wealthy and institutional investors, guarded as they were by astronomical investment minimums, hefty fee structures and lack of liquidity. … But new investment wrappers, sleek advisor technology platforms and business partnerships have made alternatives considerably more accessible, just in time for world events, heightened inflation, rising interest rates and volatile markets to lay bare the vulnerabilities inherent in the traditional 60/40 portfolio.

Kostya Etus, CFA® head of investment strategy for Dynamic, along with RIA firm owners, shared his thoughts on the platform solution:

“Private investments require complex paperwork and subscription documents, and it’s sometimes tough to understand how to complete or get access to some of these things,” he said. “And the CAIS platform is just a really seamless digital experience.”

Should you need help navigating opportunities for your high-net-worth clients, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dynamic’s Investment Management team at (877) 257-3840, ext. 4 or

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